Students must fill out the “Student” section of the form and Parents/legal guardians must fill out “Parent/Guardian” of the form (digital signature and initial below is required) in order to be eligible to participate in Job Shadow Day.

Register for Job Shadow Day and wait for confirmation that you received the slot.

Call/text employer night before to confirm visit.

Parents must call the attendance line the day of the visit or prior to excuse the absence and allow it to become school business.



I will be responsible for arranging transportation for my child to and from the job shadowing site. My permission is given for my child to receive emergency medical treatment in case of injury or illness. I understand that the information provided above will be shared with participating employers in order to make accommodations for their agenda. I understand that school personnel will not be present when the student is at the work site. Additionally, student has my permission to travel to work sites away from original facility depending on the nature of the job. I am aware that all employees have not been background checked at this organization.

Parent initial (or student initial if over 18) authorizes Livingston Educational Service Agency and any participating employer to utilize student photographs in any publicity or promotional materials.